Steps To Prevent Home Burglaries

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You have done all that you can to ensure that your home is as secure as possible. You have invested in the best locks, the top of the line security system and keep your drapes closed at night to limit how much anyone can see into your home. After you put this much effort into securing your home, are you keeping the keys to your home secure? Do you have a hide-a-key in the most obvious place? Do you leave your house keys on your key ring when you take your car to the mechanic? Key security is more important than the lock you have on your door. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your home and keys secure.

Steps To Prevent Home Burglaries

6 October 2016
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Keeping intruders out of your home is a matter of both protecting your space and feeling at ease in your own home. Here are some ways to prevent intruders in your home. 

Keep Your Front Door Locked

It may sound silly, but many burglars get in right through the front door. If you're prone to leaving the front door unlocked even occasionally, consider why this is and how you can solve the problem another way. For instance, if you have a lot of people coming in and out of your home who don't have keys, consider hiring a locksmith to assess the feasibility of installing an electronic locking system that can be opened using a key code. 

Be Careful What You Throw Away

If you tend to throw away items in your trash can that alert intruders to expensive items in your home, you may want to reconsider. Next time you bring home your new iPad, throw away the box at work if you can to make your home less of a target. 

Be Careful with Sliding Glass Doors

Another thing that can make your home vulnerable is sliding glass doors. These are often among the weaker types of entryways, since burglars may be able to pry them open or break the glass. A locksmith can do various things to make these doors stronger, though, so don't start calling a contractor just yet. Your locksmith could install an additional lock that locks the door into the base of the sliding frame. Another possibility is to change out the glass in your sliding door for double-pane window glass. 

Don't Post Vacation Photos

At least, don't post your vacation photos until you get back. You never know which Facebook friend isn't really a friend; if someone sees you are out of town, they might try to help themselves to some of your belongings. And if you do go on vacation on a regular basis, consider installing a strong home alarm system or having a friend watch the house while you are away. 

Make Friends with the Neighbors

Finally, one of your best defenses is making friends with your neighbors. They may be aware of when someone is lurking around your neighborhood or your home. If you are on good terms with your neighbors, they are probably more likely to go and investigate and then call the cops or alert you if needed. 

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