Ideal Locations For A Quick-Draw Gun Safe In Your Truck

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Ideal Locations For A Quick-Draw Gun Safe In Your Truck

31 August 2016
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If you choose to leave one or more handguns in your truck to provide protection when you're out and about, it's ideal if you have a place to keep them secure. The simplest solution is to invest in one or more quick-draw gun safes that will fit your sidearms. These secure devices, which will provide you with easy access to your firearms but also keep them out of plain sight, are available in several styles; they all share the common trait of being able to be opened quickly to retrieve your handgun when time is of the essence. There are many ideal places to mount these safes so that they're within reach for you when you're traveling. Here are some ideas.

Under The Front Edge Of Your Seat

When you hear about someone driving with a handgun under the seat, he or she should be using a quick-draw gun safe; otherwise, the gun would slide around when you accelerate, brake and steer, resulting in it possibly not being within reach when you need it. Many quick-draw safes are designed to be mounted under the front edge of your seat. In this position, the safe will be out of plain sight, but the gun will be easily accessible simply by reaching down between your legs.

Inside The Center Console

You might not wish to place your firearm loose inside the center console of your truck, but you can feel confident installing a quick-draw gun safe in this location. Mounted to the inside of the console, this type of safe will have a separate cover, meaning the gun won't be exposed when the console is open. But, with the console open, you can easily unlock the safe and have your sidearm in your hand in an instant. This location is especially ideal for those who are right-handed, as they can keep their left hand on the steering wheel and retrieve the firearm with their shooting hand.

Under The Dash

Another convenient location for your quick-draw gun safe is under the dash of your vehicle. This spot is ideal because you can mount it on either your left side or right side, depending on the side of your dominant hand. If you opt for this location, it's better if you're a little on the shorter side; if you're tall and have long legs, your knees may not have clearance under the dash once the gun safe is in place.

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