Creating Controlled Areas For Your Second-Hand Luxury Store

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Creating Controlled Areas For Your Second-Hand Luxury Store

8 September 2016
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Running a consignment or second-hand shop does not mean selling only clothes and furniture. There are also luxury purses, jewelry, and other items that you can sell second-hand that are very desirable. If you are running a consignment or luxury second-hand shop, you will need a place to lock up valuable items. Here are some methods for maintaining secure access control in your luxury second-hand shop. 

Keep items within glass shelves

If you are selling items that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, you will need a method for keeping these items safe. Not only will these items need to be safe from possible theft, but they will be safe from people spilling things on them or the material becoming scuffed from people and items rubbing up against them. Be sure that the glass doors have easy sliding doors that employees can unlock with a simple key. This will make it easy to remove items for customers to try out while in store. 

Keep an in-wall safe with expensive items

If individuals break into stores, they are more likely to smash the glass of the regular locked cabinets than to attempt to break into a safe. If you have second-hand items that are worth thousands, be sure to remove them from display during the day and place them within a locked safe. Be sure to have the safe placed in-wall so that it is impossible to remove. The safe should have a numerical code that only the management knows in order to keep items safe during daylight hours. 

Make the back access controlled via card

Issued all employees a card that will access the storeroom where you house your expensive items. If you run a second-hand shop that is small or where you have expensive items within a small square footage, you will need to make sure that only those who work for your store are able to access the stock room with your items. If you run a consignment shop, you will also need to make sure to keep items safe because they may belong to others prior to being sold. Access control via employee key cards that activate an unlock system will permit the employee to slip into the back room. Make sure that the door on the controlled access room swings closed after entry so that there is no chance that the door can be accidentally left cracked. 

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