Storing Guns In A Gun Safe: Four Helpful Hints

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Storing Guns In A Gun Safe: Four Helpful Hints

29 September 2016
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Storing guns in a gun safe helps to keep children from playing with your firearms, and it helps to keep your guns protected from dirt, dust and damage. If you own firearms and are thinking about investing in a safe, here are some gun storage tips to help you as you transfer your collection into the safe.

Use Your Factory Packaging

If you still have the factory packaging your guns came in, use the boxes to help protect your firearms. The boxes make it easier to stack multiple pieces while keeping everything organized. If you don't have the original packaging, consider using fabric gun pouches, which can prevent scratches and keep your firearms shielded from dust and dirt. If you prefer to have your items stacked in a safe, you can place the gun pouches in plain boxes for easier organization. Label each box so you can find what you are looking for when you need it.

Use A Dehumidifier

Preventing rust from forming on firearms is an important concern for gun owners. Moisture in the gun safe can lead to corrosion and rusting, so consider using a dehumidifier. You can purchase a dehumidifier made specifically for gun safes so they will fit neatly inside. If you don't have a dehumidifier, place your safe in a climate-controlled room, preferably in a dry location. Avoid placing your safe in the basement where moisture may be a problem.

Maintain Your Lock

Whether you have a traditional combination safe or one with an electronic keypad, it's important to keep the lock to your safe maintained. This will help you to access your firearms in the event of an emergency. For electronic keypads, be sure to change the batteries often and test the keypad regularly to ensure it is working properly. For traditional combination safes, be sure to keep the moving parts lubricated. If you experience any sort of difficulty opening your safe, call a locksmith to have it inspected and serviced.

Perform Regular Firearm Maintenance

While a safe can be a great solution for long- or short-term storage, you'll still want to take your firearms out periodically to clean, inspect and maintain them. This will give you a chance to check to make sure each piece is in proper working order, and it also means you can add gun storage preservative to each firearm. The preservative helps to guard against rust and corrosion to help extend the life of your firearms.

You can also seek advice for gun storage from a locksmith like Anytime Lock & Safe or your local gun shop. Use this guide to help keep your guns safe, secure and in great working condition.