Keyless Entry Options For Your Home

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You have done all that you can to ensure that your home is as secure as possible. You have invested in the best locks, the top of the line security system and keep your drapes closed at night to limit how much anyone can see into your home. After you put this much effort into securing your home, are you keeping the keys to your home secure? Do you have a hide-a-key in the most obvious place? Do you leave your house keys on your key ring when you take your car to the mechanic? Key security is more important than the lock you have on your door. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your home and keys secure.

Keyless Entry Options For Your Home

30 September 2016
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For families or those with roommates, keeping track of all the keys to the house can sometimes be difficult. The more people living in the home with keys, the more likely that keys will be lost. For safety and security, this often means that you have to go through the time and expense of having your home's entrance locks rekeyed. Fortunately, there are other options to cut down on lost keys. The following are a few ideas.

Idea #1: Traditional coded entry systems

A coded entry system is usually used in conjunction with a security system, but it doesn't have to be. A locksmith can install a coded entry touch pad. Provide each person that lives in the house with their own personal code. If you have kids or teens with a code, consider changing it periodically, since they are more likely to share it with friends or others that may use it to break into your home later. You can even set up a temporary code to use for workers like repair contractors or housesitters that may need to be in your home while you are away.

Idea #2: Bluetooth or app-based entry systems

These depend upon the user's smartphone or tablet to open the key. The lock itself has a Bluetooth receiver inside of it. The user simply opens the app and turns on their phone's Bluetooth. The lock recognizes the phone and opens the lock. The main drawback is you need to know that the members of your household are trustworthy enough to not lose their phone and to also keep it charged. Fortunately, many people – teens included – are more responsible with their phone than with their house key.

This system also allows you to set up temporary entrance for workers in the home, but they will need to download the app to gain entrance.

Idea #3: Combination systems

Combination systems may use an app on your phone but still offer keypad or key entry options. These can work well if someone still ends up locked out, such as if they forget their phone when they leave the house. In this case, they can use a code to enter the home, or perhaps a spare key can be kept with a neighbor (such as for kids that sometimes come home alone after school). Combination systems that also allow key entry can also be a wise idea if you ever have a power outage.

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