3 Tips For Professional Locksmith Service

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You have done all that you can to ensure that your home is as secure as possible. You have invested in the best locks, the top of the line security system and keep your drapes closed at night to limit how much anyone can see into your home. After you put this much effort into securing your home, are you keeping the keys to your home secure? Do you have a hide-a-key in the most obvious place? Do you leave your house keys on your key ring when you take your car to the mechanic? Key security is more important than the lock you have on your door. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your home and keys secure.

3 Tips For Professional Locksmith Service

3 October 2016
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When it comes to the safety and well-being of your business, you need to make your doors, locks, and other fixtures a top level priority. Adjusting to changes and constantly maintaining your locks will protect both your staff and the property inside your building. You can never be too careful about these sorts of things, because according to studies, a burglary occurs once every approximately 15 seconds. To stay safe, you should reach out to a commercial locksmith and follow these tips below. 

Tip #1: Change Your Locks Periodically

One of the most sensible things you can do to protect your building is change your locks. Switching your locks has twofold benefits -- it ensures that only those who you want to have access have keys and it upgrades to fresh new locks that are safer and more durable. There are a few signs that it is time to change your locks:

  • You have had significant turnover, gaining and losing employees
  • An employee was terminated and may seek vengeance 
  • Your locks are beginning to show significant signs of wear
  • It has been some years since you have changed your locks
  • Businesses in your area have been getting broken into
  • A locksmith conducts a safety audit and deems your locks outdated

You should seek estimates from commercial locksmiths to get an idea of the cost. You can expect to pay between approximately $214 and $337 for six new locks. 

Tip #2: Install An Alarm System

To really safeguard your business, you will need to get an alarm system installed. These alarm systems might be the difference between a burglar feeling comfortable scoping out your place and bypassing it. A quality alarm system for your business should be wired to notify authorities of a break-in, contact you personally if a breach has occurred, and allow you to set it remotely. Many alarm systems give you access via mobile app and come with sensors to let you know which areas of the building are occupied. The $300 to $500 equipment fees and $50 to $250 per month monitoring costs are well worth your safety and peace of mind. 

Tip #3: Get Frequent Safety Inspections

Commercial locksmiths are also able to provide you with safety inspections, to make sure that you are not missing any important issues. In addition to checking the quality of your locks, these locksmiths can inspect the quality of your door frames, the locks on your windows and areas that might be susceptible to break-in. By getting these safety audits, you will be able to continuously put your best foot forward and protect your property and the lives of the people in your company. 

Take these three tips and contact a commercial locksmith like Suburban Lock for more help.