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You have done all that you can to ensure that your home is as secure as possible. You have invested in the best locks, the top of the line security system and keep your drapes closed at night to limit how much anyone can see into your home. After you put this much effort into securing your home, are you keeping the keys to your home secure? Do you have a hide-a-key in the most obvious place? Do you leave your house keys on your key ring when you take your car to the mechanic? Key security is more important than the lock you have on your door. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your home and keys secure.

Keyless Entry Options For Your Home

30 September 2016
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For families or those with roommates, keeping track of all the keys to the house can sometimes be difficult. The more people living in the home with keys, the more likely that keys will be lost. For safety and security, this often means that you have to go through the time and expense of having your home's entrance locks rekeyed. Fortunately, there are other options to cut down on lost keys. Read More …

Storing Guns In A Gun Safe: Four Helpful Hints

29 September 2016
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Storing guns in a gun safe helps to keep children from playing with your firearms, and it helps to keep your guns protected from dirt, dust and damage. If you own firearms and are thinking about investing in a safe, here are some gun storage tips to help you as you transfer your collection into the safe. Use Your Factory Packaging If you still have the factory packaging your guns came in, use the boxes to help protect your firearms. Read More …

Tips For Troubleshooting A Commercial Lock During The Winter

26 September 2016
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Since the physical security of your business is crucial to the success of your business, the appropriate use of your door locks is vital. While replacing the locks on the doors at home is frequently very affordable, the locks used at commercial properties tend to be a more expensive investment. As a result, before you spend your hard-earned cash unnecessarily, it is a good idea to try the following tips before resorting to an emergency visit from a commercial locksmith. Read More …

2 Reasons To Install A WiFi Lock On Your Home

22 September 2016
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Replacing the existing locks on your home's exterior doors provides you with an opportunity to utilize some of the more feature-rich options available rather than sticking with a traditional lock. One of the best locks that you can consider installing is a WiFi lock, mostly because it provides more features and benefits than most of the other locks on the market. Listed below are two reasons to install a WiFi lock on your home. Read More …

Lock In Your Company’s Security With These Systems

14 September 2016
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When you run a business, you need to make sure that it is secure. This is especially true when you hold sensitive information, expensive equipment, or rare supplies. Commercial locks can also be vulnerable because many employees may have keys to your building. How can you be sure that your company's locks are providing enough security? Here are some types of commercial locks to consider.  Key Control The locks on your business can have special keys that have been designed to be very difficult to copy. Read More …